Getting Started With StockX APIs

The StockX API platform offers sellers valuable tools to help scale their business efficiently, with freedom and control. The StockX API connects businesses to a global audience of millions of customers looking to secure the world’s most coveted items.

The StockX API platform provides developers with capabilities at scale to perform the following:
  • Catalog searching - Catalog APIs allow you to view and search the StockX catalog.
  • Selling - Selling APIs allow you to create and manage listings.
  • Order management - Order APIs allow you to view all active orders or get details for a single order, including shipping and payout information.

1. Sign Up or Login with a StockX Account

To use StockX APIs, you need a StockX account. Sign up for a new account or login with an existing account. New users will need to verify their email address.

2. Sign Up for Developer Access

After signing in on StockX, complete the developer sign up form. We will review your application and email you once your access is approved.

Note: Your email address needs to be verified before we can approve your application.

3. Retrieve Your API Key

When your account is approved, an API key will be automatically generated for you and can be retrieved on the Keys page.

4. Create an Application

Once your developer access is approved, you'll have the ability to create your application with StockX. After creating an application with StockX, you're able to start working on your integration. You’ll be able to view your application credentials and API Key here.

API Introduction

The StockX API allows developers to tap into the StockX marketplace, building their own StockX-powered applications.

Here you’ll find an overview of what is currently offered, how StockX handles authentication, rate limiting, and other important information needed to understand StockX APIs.